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Molyjam Deux

5th July 2013 - 7th July 2013
48 hours

Clubs Association Common Room
Lady Symon Building, Adelaide University



Push The Button thumbnail Push The Button


We are open from 3pm on Friday and 9am till late on Saturday and Sunday, but closed overnight.
You are welcome to start your game on Friday at 7pm, which is when the jam officially starts.
The jam ends on Sunday at 7pm, although we will stay around for a while to play each other's games.


Molyjam Deux Roundup

09 July 2013

Last weekend we held the Adelaide location for Molyjam Deux, and what a great turnout! Our site submitted many excellent games. I won't play favourites (I lack the APM) so I have kindly collected them all for you here:



Free to do Anything

Groin Gravitators

Moly Sausage

Push The Button

Royalty Simulator 2013

Ugly Space Invaders

A couple of other games were shown on the Sunday night but not submitted: an FTL-like where you and your family tried to flee the Glroious Republic of Glorea, and a puzzle platformer where you maimed yourself to scare villagers to safety. This jam showed true next-generation gaming.

Curiouser and Curiouser: Molyjam Deux

25 June 2013

Molyjam Deux is happening in the first weekend of July, and we want you to come along and make a game inspired by the tweets of @petermolydeux !

We are open from 3pm on Friday and 9am till late on Saturday and Sunday, but closed overnight.

See our jam page for details.

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