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A Period Piece


Wilbert Wykeham-Fuller, the punctuated protagonist and periodic pugilist with a propensity for providing powerful punches to the perfunctory pushovers populating this player propelled package, promises punishment for people who do not participate.

Wilbert wants to terminate clauses, but not every clause requires his attention. Help him tell the difference between the spots that are hot and those are not by clicking in the correct places.

Press the full stop key to proceed


Code: Josh Douglass-Molloy

Design: Josh Douglass-Molloy, Jaime von Schwarzburg, Saxon Douglass

Graphics: Colin Capurso

Script: Jaime von Schwarzburg

Voice Acting: Josh Douglass-Molloy, Saxon Douglass, Jaime von Schwarzburg


From Jam

MolyJam 2012
31st March 2012 - 1st April 2012

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