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Public Opinion

Shape a shift in public opinion.

In this social dynamics/political campaigning game, you must sway individuals to your point of view. People that you have convinced will spread your ideas to others.


Arrow keys, WASD, or analogue stick to move
Convince others of your superior ideology by coming into contact with them
Watch your ideas spread

The stronger someone's opinion (more red or blue), the harder it is to convince them to change their mind.

There is both a single player and a two player variant. In playtesting, the two player variant seems more fun, so I encourage you to give it a try.

How to run:

To run on Windows, you should just be able to extract the zip file and run 'Public Opinion.exe'.

To run on Linux / OS/X, you will need the following:

Then extract the archive and simply execute 'run.sh' or run 'src/main.py' with python2 from the main directory.


From Jam

Ludum Dare 35
16th - 19th April 2016

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