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Navigate robots though a complicated factory by controlling all of elevators within the building.

The aim is to get all of the robots from their spawn point (the narrow beam) to the exit (the wide beam).


Move elevators: Up and Down keys
Reset level: Hold both Up and Down for 1 second


Sophie Hollitt: Graphics, Programming, Level Design
Finn Stokes: Programming, Game Design, Level Design
Jaime von Schwarzburg: Level Design

How to run:

To run on Windows, simply extract the archive and run main.exe. There should be no external requirements.

To run on Linux / OS/X, you will need the following:

Then extract the archive and simply execute 'run.sh' or run 'src/main.py' with python2 from the main directory.


From Jam

Ludum Dare 34
12th - 15th December 2015

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