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Cosplay Chase

You are excited to wear your new cosplay for the first time at ConventionCon, but things don't turn out as you might have hoped.

NOTE: I was busy running our local real-world venue, so wasn't able to dedicate as much time to this as I would have liked, so the game is rather incomplete. The original submission had some serious performance issues, so I have made some post-jam optimisations that do not change the gameplay but drastically increase. The Windows executable shouldn't have any dependencies. You can run it on Mac or Linux using Python, as long as you have PyGame and PyTMX installed. Just run src/main.py from the root directory.


Ubuntu step-by-step instructions:

 $ sudo apt-get install python2.7 python-pygame python-pip git 
 $ sudo pip install pytmx 
 $ git clone https://github.com/FinnStokes/cosplay-chase.git 
 $ cd cosplay-chase 
 $ python src/main.py


From Jam

Ludum Dare 32
18th - 21st April 2015

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