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Ludum Dare 27

24th Aug. 2013 - 25th Aug. 2013
37 hours


The Braggs, the University of Adelaide
North Terrace, Adelaide



Hungry Knight thumbnail Hungry Knight Hunt thumbnail Hunt


Ludum Dare 27 Roundup

19 September 2013

To get you feeling keen for Indie Speed Run THIS FRIDAY, we'd like to take a minute to recap some of the games that were made at our jam site for Ludum Dare 27. The theme of the jam was "10 seconds", which led to some interesting game mechanics.

Firstly, I'd like to introduce you to "Hungry Knight" by Team Cherry. In this game, you play as a small adventurer who must fight other creatures for cherries. The cherries keep you fed and keep you alive, as your stomach empties every 10 seconds! This game was really well-received on the Ludum Dare website, scoring 20th (out of 900 games!) for mood, and making a ranking of 126th overall. Congratulations Team Cherry on an awesome game from your first jam with us!

Next, we have "Hunt" by 3SillyHats plus Rory Stokes. This is a 10 second tag style game for 2-4 players, with an interesting movement mechanic. You control the acceleration of characters rather than their velocity or position, making for really strange (but fun) movement as you try to catch or escape from other players. Generally in-person multiplayer games do poorly on the LD website, but "Hunt" earns a respectable 204th on fun and 337th overall.

Lastly, we had an awesome game designed by a group that met at the jam! This group included the programming talents of Matt Le Krupa (one of the contributors to "GloveSlap" at Adelaide Game Jam 2), with art and ideas from several cool new jammers. In this game, you play as a mad scientist who must collect various items in his lab in under 10 seconds. It's a really cute 2D platformer that had a lot of interesting background story and ideas, and I'd like to see all four of the team members again at ISR. To our knowledge, this game wasn't submitted to the LD website so we don't have a playable link for you, but stay tuned: we'd like to get both the game and a full list of acknowledgements up on our website really soon.

In not-quite-Ludum-Dare news, our jam also had a brief demonstration of Andrew Gray's "Those Darn Nipples", created for the Boob Jam running the same weekend as Ludum Dare. Check it out.

Ludum Dare

21 August 2013

Ludum Dare 26 had a minimal theme, but we want Jamalaide's Ludum Dare 27 to be MAXIMAL! Come along for the weekend and make some games, or drop by and talk to other game enthusiasts and development teams! Visit the Ludum Dare website to find out more about the jam and vote on themes for the jam!

The event will be held on level 4 of the Braggs at Adelaide university. Venue open 10am-late Saturday and 10am-late Sunday. BYO computers and snacks. If you're around at mealtimes, there are options to group buy so you don't have to leave your work.

See our jam page for details.

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