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Fly into things,
Gain Levels,
Every 10 you evolve.

I'm still working on the gameplay and scoring right up until the last minute (1 Hour left).
Calling this version 0, even though there is still way more that needs to be done.

Currently the game is randomly generated terrain, I haven't designed any levels. I'm still wondering if I should generate it.

The collision system is mostly done, but without finished artwork the collisions are pretty pointless

The gameplay mechanics ar only partially fleshed out (eg you gain levels for colliding with terrain too)

The music evolves as your player levels up. As you get better, the music gets more intense !

A couple of sound loops (also open source), the rest is just instruments in FL Studio

Fonts are open source

The art is all my own badly drawn animations.

After looking at a bunch of games I will try to rate my own game objectively:
1/5 Overall
2/5 Innovation
1/5 Fun
3/5 Theme
2/5 Graphics
2/5 Audio
1/5 Humor
2/5 Mood

Comments : About the only thing worth playing this game for is the surprise at the final evolution phase. There is an interesting attempt at music.


From Jam

Ludum Dare 24
25th - 28th August 2012

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