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Darwin's Island

You are the blue microbe. Your goal is to reach the right end of the level.

This ended up being more of a genetic computing demonstration than a game (look in the source code if you are interested).

The 'controller' object takes a set of 16 traits and creates genes by picking random traits and sticking them together.

Enemies can only acquire genes on spawn, not lone traits, so they acquire some interesting combinations.

Natural selection is implemented. Enemies that do damage to the player (or other enemies) get to spawn offspring instantly. If the game needs enemies, it will pick an existing enemy to clone and give a few new genes. Apart from dealing damage, proximity to the player gives an edge.

The three key parameters are:

global.gene_pool_size, which dictates the number of random genes are in play

global.traits_per_gene, which dictates the phenotype to genotype ratio

and genes_per_monster

Genes work in this game by modifying values already there. Genes can have positive or negative effects.

Try experimenting and influencing which ones spawn descendents.



The red microbes. Yellow-outlined microbes do contact (mucus) damage. Red projectiles will hurt you.

Friendly fire is on, so use your foes' shots and contact damage against them!

Technical stuff

Written in Game Maker 6.1

Known bug: random enemies disappear on spawn


From Jam

Ludum Dare 24
25th - 28th August 2012

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