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Murder 101


Programming by John Millard and Chris Johnson

Graphics by Izzy Gramp

Music track is Go Cart by Kevin Mcleod

Font provided by Colin Capurso

How to Play

  1. Plug in at least two XBox/XBox 360 controllers before loading the game.
  2. Select Start from the Title Screen
  3. Everyone turn away from the screen and each player take it in turns to see who they are and who their targets are. Press "A" once to reveal your position, press it again to hide your position. Tap "B" to to show your targets.
  4. When everyone knows who they are playing as, and who their targets are, everyone must press the start button to begin the game.
  5. Move around using the left analog stick. Hold "B" to run and press "A" to attack. When you attack you will kill the closest nearby character in the direction you are holding the analog stick.
  6. The last surviving player or the first player to kill all of their targets is the winner.



From Jam

Global Game Jam 2013
25th - 27th January 2013

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