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Endless Flow

Endless Flow

An endless pipe building puzzle game.


Click on two different pipe segments to switch them
Right click to clear currently selected pipe
R to restart
ESC to quit

Keep the liquid flowing for as long as possible by making sure there are no breaks in the pipe. If the liquid has nowhere to go or runs off the side of
the screen, the game ends. The timer tracks how long you are able to keep this from happening.

Some pipe segments can split, rejoin or end a pipe, chaning the rate of flow (the more paths the liquid has to follow the slower it moves), but make sure
there is always at least one pipe for the liquid to flow along! As time goes on, the liquid will flow faster and faster.

How to run:

To run on Windows, you should just be able to extract the zip file and run Endless Flow.exe.

To run on Linux / OS/X, you will need the following:

Then extract the archive and simply execute run.sh or run src/main.py with python2 from the main directory.


From Jam

Adelaide Game Jam #5
6th - 7th August 2016

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