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Backseat Driver


Chris Dunn, Cat Dunn, Andrew Dunn, Kathy Smart, Adrianna White, Gee Tang


Welcome to Backseat Driver! A cooperative car driving experience!

While one player is driving on a 3D track, they look out for road signs and ask their backseat driver for directions. The road conditions make it very hard to see... look out for the unexpected! Drive safe and have fun!

Dev’s Note:
This game has two parts: a 3D driving game and a Map lookup game. You might want to run both games on computers next to each other. The back seat driver should be able to see the screen of the 3D driver but the 3D driver should not be able to see the Map game.

The Story in brief:

Introducing Sam, Dusty and Sheila! Sam is Dusty’s friend and they meet Sheila on a dirt road in the outback. Sheila’s trying to get to the medical clinic as her baby is coming. Dusty takes the front seat and follows instructions from Sam who frantically looks up the maps using his smartphone.

Sheila’s story:
Sheila lives in the outback. Her husband is fly-in, fly-out. She is 8 months pregnant. She started feeling pains and realised that she had to get to hospital quickly. She called ahead to the hospital and the nurse is expecting her. While driving herself to the hospital, the head gasket cracked. Driving in the steam she missed a turn and is now lost, stranded in the outback… until her ‘angels’ – Sam & Dusty – come to rescue her.

Sam & Dusty’s story:
Sam and Dusty were travelling in the outback, driving late at night. Sheila staggered out of her car. Sheila is convinced that Sam and Dusty have been sent by a higher power….


From Jam

Adelaide Game Jam 2015
21st - 23rd August 2015

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