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Adelaide Game Jam 2014

2nd Aug. 2014 - 3rd Aug. 2014
35 hours

Physics 121, the University of Adelaide Click for map

Beneath the Surface


Boxed In thumbnail Boxed In Emergency Capers thumbnail Emergency Capers Hectic Hippo's thumbnail Hectic Hippo's Rocket Reaction thumbnail Rocket Reaction What has science done for us thumbnail What has science done for us


Adelaide Game Jam is everyone's favourite jam of the year, with it's awesome Adelaide community feel. Let's take it back to our roots and jam the weekend away. This year, we're opening our doors to traditional games AND digital games so everyone can get their game creation juices flowing!

Like most of our jams, it's free! If you get hungry, bring your own snacks, buy some food from the mall, or spend some coins on our Sunday Brunch BBQ


Indie Games Room Report

31 July 2015

Header image for Indie Games Room Report

It's been a little while now since AVCon, I hope you all had a great time! We really enjoyed showing off some games from past jams, and we hope you enjoyed playing them! All the games from these past jams are Spotlighted in the games list (so if you're on desktop, you can see one of them at the bottom of the left sidebar right now!), but if you're too keen to scroll over there, they're listed here as well!

  • Rocket Reaction by Damon Pearce and Dan Beaumont was a multiplayer favourite at the Indie Games Room this year. This game was made for Adelaide Game Jam 2014 and features free-floating action (and deadly spikes).
  • updownleftright by Andrew Dunn is a game made for Global Game Jam 2015 about rescuing astronauts and avoiding space debris.
  • Freeze Ray by Robert Reed with Colin Capurso is a game about a mad scientist trying to escape his lab. This game and...
  • Cosplay Chase by Finn Stokes were both made for Ludum Dare 32.
  • Boxed In was made by Dylan Browne at Adelaide Game Jam 2014. If you dig the idea of playing as a cardboard box escaping from a cardboard box factory, this one is for you! Recently, there's even an Android version on Google Play if you want to be able to play anywhere at any time.

These were our featured games, but we also showed off a few older games. If you're looking for multi-player cooperation or competition, previous Adelaide Game Jams have you covered. If you're inspired to make a game, Adelaide Game Jam 2015 is coming up at the end of the month and we'd love to see you there!

It Begins - Adelaide Game Jam 2014

02 August 2014

It's Adelaide Game Jam Time! This year's theme is REACTION, for anyone watching from elsewhere. And if you're elsewhere... maybe you want to be here?

All the details are on the Jam Page if you want to join us. Since there's so many people here, I'd recommend the Games Showcase on Sunday Night... it's set to be a big one!!

Adelaide Game Jam + The Indie Games Room!

05 June 2014

Adelaide Game Jam 2014 is set to be a mixture between the big professional feel of Global Game Jam this year, with the relaxed and social atmosphere of previous Adelaide Game Jams. It's always been the biggest and best event of the year, so make sure to get your game creation into gear with us. There will be tshirts later, stay tuned if you're keen for one!

For more details on AGJ2014, make sure to check out the Jam page or our social media pages.

We'll also be showcasing a set of games from this year at the Indie Games Room at AVCon, come and visit if you're there!

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