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Jamalaide is a club for people who make games - both digital games and board and card games. We run events such as game jams, where participants make a new game from scratch over a weekend or afternoon, or more casual events where people can hang out, play games together, work on their own projects, or unleash their creativity making levels for existing commercial games .

Jamalaide has a variety of members: university students, hobbyists, indies, and professional game developers. If you’d like to become a member of the community, join our mailing list to hear about upcoming jams.

You can also connect with us on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter, though most content and discussion appear on Facebook and this website first.

What are Game Jams?

A game jam is a time-limited event where gatherings of developers, artists and other creatives make one or more games from scratch. Jamalaide’s weekend jams start on Friday nights or Saturday mornings with the announcement of a theme, and then groups or individuals work hard to complete a game using that theme before Sunday afternoon. New jammers often have varying degrees of success at completing a game, but we usually have a lot of fun! From time to time we also run shorter one-day jams.

Jamalaide runs some great Adelaide-only jam events (such as the yearly Adelaide Game Jam, and 2013’s Movember Jam), but we also host the Adelaide location for international game jams. The biggest international game jam events are Global Game Jam (annual) and Ludum Dare (three times a year). From time to time we also host venues for smaller international jams such as MolyJam, PyWeek and Indie Speed Run.

How is Jamalaide run?

Jamalaide was formerly a club at the University of Adelaide, but due to our large number of members outside the University, we now operate independently. The Jamalaide committee chooses which international jams to run events for, organises venues, updates our members on upcoming jams, and volunteers on jam weekends to make sure that jams run smoothly.

Our constitution states the aims of the club and defines the responsibilities of the club's committee. If you want to get involved with the committee, contact us or come along to our next General Meeting.


President: Finn Stokes
Secretary: Sophie Hollitt
Treasurer: Rory Stokes

General Committee:
Jaime von Schwarzburg
Saxon Douglass

Contact Us

Email: contact@jamalaide.org.au
IRC: #jamalaide on freenode
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