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Adelaide Game Jam #5
6th - 7th August 2016

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Adelaide Game Jam #5 Is Next

20 July 2016

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We've had lots of lots of enquiries, so I'm pleased to let you know that Adelaide Game Jam #5 is coming up on the 6th and 7th of August. To become a part of it, all you need to do is fill in this form to let us know you're coming, or for the more cautious among us, you can visit the jam page to learn more.

This is now the fifth edition of Adelaide Game Jam, and we can hardly wait to start this weekend with you. As per usual, we're opening up for all of you visual artists, programmers, game designers, sound designers, board game enthusiasts, multi-talented superstars, beginners and long-term jammers alike to share the experience and make some games!

What game did I play today?

16 July 2016

If you've been in the Indie Games Room today, you'd probably know we have a LOT of games on our stall. How do you know which one you played? We're here to help. If you go to our Games page, all of the games from this weekend are listed in one of the first two Jams or in the Game Spotlight category. Or if you need a hint, keep reading.

Thanks of course for coming by to say hello, and if you were keen to get started on making games (or you want the latest news when new games are available), maybe join our mailing list to find out they next time we'll be jamming (hint: it'll be soon)

Multiplayer Battles

Was it Hunt with lots of circles and turning red to attack, or was it Mad Mechs with the cute animals in giant mechs? Did rockets send you spinning out of control in Rocket Reaction, or did You Want The Money?

Multiplayer Cooperative

Did you try to help a rock and a water droplet in Elemental? Were you squares that worked together in Matt and Chris?

Single Player

  • Hue, a game about intution
  • Elevation, where you control elevators to help the robots
  • Bouncing Buttons, where you help a button reach its buttonhole
  • TreeSim, a game about growing a tree piece by piece
  • UpDownLeftRight, a game about rescuing astronauts and crashing into asteroids

Up next: Indie Games Room!

14 July 2016

It's that time again. We'll be in the Indie Games room Saturday the 16th AND Sunday the 17th to show off some games from recent jams (plus some of your old favourites). Our new games this time around include some from Ludum Dare 34 (themes: two button controls, and growth), and some from last year's Adelaide Game Jam that truly had an extravaganza of themes. We'll also be bringing along some old favourites, so if you've been hankering to play indie games on a TV with your friends using our glorious PS4 controllers, we've got you covered (and I'm sure lots of the other indie teams do too)

Check out the Indie Games Room for more details

Coming up: LD-35

30 March 2016

If you'd usually be solo jamming at home in front of the computer, we totally recommend you come in to town and swap ideas with some of Adelaide's other solo/independent jammers. They probably don't bite! We'll be keeping it quiet and chill again, BYO computer and food, and we'll supply tea, coffee, and power.

In other news, applications for AVCon's Indie Games Room have just opened. Feel free to apply to host your game yourself (the Indie Games Room is a great experience!), but if you'd like to be part of our Jamalaide showcase of games from this past year, please do get in touch.

There's juuust over two weeks until the Indie Games Room deadline, so make sure to get in quick!

LD-34 Wrap-Up

08 January 2016

Header image for LD-34 Wrap-Up

This time around, Ludum Dare had TWO themes, and everyone was free to choose one or both. These themes were Growing and Two Button Controls, and we sure did get some diverse games out of this!

  • Using all themes, Bouncing Buttons is a game about using two (mouse) buttons to grow some boxes to help a rolling button make it into the buttonhole. Made in Java, with some really good spinning/bouncing on that button.
  • Taking both themes in a different direction, Torjborn created Treesim. Use two keys to select tiles to add to your tree, and choose carefully where you put them to make your tree as big as you can.
  • Elevation is a game from the Jamalaide Committee (Finn, Sophie, and Jaime) that takes the idea of two button controls very seriously: you need to hold both buttons together for 1 second to reset a puzzle. In this game, you control all the elevators in the robot factory to get your robots to the goal. The only game from our jam site to get an official LD ranking, Elevation scores in the top 100 for Theme, Fun, and Innovation.
  • Lastly, featuring a variety of local and international voice "talents", Button, Button, Who's Got the Button? is a team building game for a fictional group of office workers. Two key controls with two fictional buttons starring in the game.

Thanks of course to everyone who came to LD-34 or dropped in to say hello. A special mention to our guest from Canada who found us through the Ludum Dare website - it was great meeting you, and I hope you had a great time hanging out with us and working on your game. We'd also like to throw a quick mention to Chris Johnson and the Pokemon Twitter Bot he worked on during the jam, thanks for spending the weekend with us.

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