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Ludum Dare 35
16th - 19th April

Game Spotlight

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Coming up: LD-35

30 March 2016

If you'd usually be solo jamming at home in front of the computer, we totally recommend you come in to town and swap ideas with some of Adelaide's other solo/independent jammers. They probably don't bite! We'll be keeping it quiet and chill again, BYO computer and food, and we'll supply tea, coffee, and power.

In other news, applications for AVCon's Indie Games Room have just opened. Feel free to apply to host your game yourself (the Indie Games Room is a great experience!), but if you'd like to be part of our Jamalaide showcase of games from this past year, please do get in touch.

There's juuust over two weeks until the Indie Games Room deadline, so make sure to get in quick!

LD-34 Wrap-Up

08 January 2016

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This time around, Ludum Dare had TWO themes, and everyone was free to choose one or both. These themes were Growing and Two Button Controls, and we sure did get some diverse games out of this!

  • Using all themes, Bouncing Buttons is a game about using two (mouse) buttons to grow some boxes to help a rolling button make it into the buttonhole. Made in Java, with some really good spinning/bouncing on that button.
  • Taking both themes in a different direction, Torjborn created Treesim. Use two keys to select tiles to add to your tree, and choose carefully where you put them to make your tree as big as you can.
  • Elevation is a game from the Jamalaide Committee (Finn, Sophie, and Jaime) that takes the idea of two button controls very seriously: you need to hold both buttons together for 1 second to reset a puzzle. In this game, you control all the elevators in the robot factory to get your robots to the goal. The only game from our jam site to get an official LD ranking, Elevation scores in the top 100 for Theme, Fun, and Innovation.
  • Lastly, featuring a variety of local and international voice "talents", Button, Button, Who's Got the Button? is a team building game for a fictional group of office workers. Two key controls with two fictional buttons starring in the game.

Thanks of course to everyone who came to LD-34 or dropped in to say hello. A special mention to our guest from Canada who found us through the Ludum Dare website - it was great meeting you, and I hope you had a great time hanging out with us and working on your game. We'd also like to throw a quick mention to Chris Johnson and the Pokemon Twitter Bot he worked on during the jam, thanks for spending the weekend with us.

LD-34 up next

22 November 2015

We're hosting a quiet, chill venue for Ludum Dare 34 if anyone wants to come to a physical location instead of doing an online only comp/jam. BYO computer and food, but we'll supply some power, airconditioning, and game-planning supplies.

If LD-34 is too small for your big jam fix, maybe it's time to stary thinking about Global Game Jam, which is coming up in January. Excitingly, Global Game Jam is NOT on the Australia Day long weekend this year: your long weekend plans are safe from difficult social choices, from our end anyway.

AGJ Wrap-Up

30 August 2015

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We had a lot of fun at AIE Adelaide for Adelaide Game Jam, so thanks to everybody who made a game, or even just stopped by and said hello. If you didn't make it on the weekend (or even if you did!), we've got a great selection of games on the website to help you recreate a little of the Sunday Game Showcase experience in your own home. The AGJ theme this year was Intuition, with a second theme Wheels and Dirt supplied by industry sponsor Odd Games. Saturday morning saw the introduction of a third theme from LD33, "You Are the Monster", which some teams did manage to include!

  • Backseat Driver is a game for two players, one on a mobile device or second computer. Drive around the map while the second player gives directions to help you meet your objectives and get a pregnant stranger to the hospital.
  • Elemental was the winner of three awards: Best Game, Best Art, and People's Choice. This game was made by a big team, and features a water elemental and an earth elemental who work together to solve some simple puzzles.
  • Hue lets you use colour information to hone your intuition about enemies out of your field of view. Hue won Best Design/Gameplay, and got a solid runner-up in best integration of the theme.
  • In Darkness is a game made in Codea by one of our new jammers. The winner of Best Programming/Stability, In Darkness encourages the player to use their intuition to navigate around obstacles they can't see.
  • Mad Mechs: Furry Road was also a People's Choice winner. In this game, two players face off against one another in a giant mech battle, with a great pixel art style.
  • Tea Drinker was made by a team who planned big, and while they didn't quite get the game finished during the jam, they've still got a lot of great things to show off. There may be more of the Tea Drinker franchise available in future.
  • The Arcane Wheel + Wild Wagon Wheel were produced by Hulk Handsome, one of our jam regulars. These two games each feature all three of the jam themes, and if you're looking for something fun to play RIGHT NOW in a small amount of time, Wild Wagon Wheel has got you covered. The Arcane Wheel is a little longer with strong puzzle elements.
  • Tunnel Drone is a 2D arcade-style game about prospecting for minerals.

We'd also like to mention Crash Me If You Can - the winner of Best Theme Integration and produced by a truly huge team of jammers - and Wheely Dirty, a really cute puzzle game where spinning wheels can help you deposit dirt into buckets and flowerpots. These aren't on the website, but since their teams were still working on them, you might be hearing more about them soon.

To learn more about the great industry-sponsored prizes that some of these games won, visit the AIE website.

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AGJ/LD Two Weeks Away!

05 August 2015

Adelaide Game Jam and Ludum Dare 33 are coming up in just over two weeks! It's set to be a great weekend with a LOT going on, and for that reason it's really important that you register your attendance. We can't organise food for the launch party or make sure there are enough computers for everyone if we don't know who's coming, so we need your help!

Register for Adelaide Game Jam!

In other news, the starting time for Ludum Dare 33 has recently been announced, and it's 10:30am on Saturday the 22nd. If you're planning to do Ludum Dare 33 without coming to the start of Adelaide Game Jam, it's even more important for you to register so that we can make sure there's space for you if the venue fills up!

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